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Police Tricks 24; Legally Protected Privilege PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 04 March 2020
One of the things that happened to me in 2015 was that my door was broken down (cost me over £15,000 to replace it and all the various alarms, CCTV etc). I was asleep in bed (it was 7.00 in the morning) and am now rather deaf. Everything I owned was taken; the search of the house took almost 4 days.

I had managed, years ago, to acquire a superb new solicitor. He had acted for me with my application to the ECHR to overturn my wrongful convictions from 2001 (an appeal which is still ongoing). He advised me that my computers, smart phones etc all had lots of Legally Privileged material on them - his advice to me on these and other legal matters.

Police are not allowed to see this kind of material. Because some of the few bent cops may use it for their own devious schemes. Even to frustrate the course of justice.

"Hey Mark; JK & his lawyer have got stuff on you that could get his conviction overturned and might even put you in jail; it'll cost you..."

So Surrey Police were notified that they could not examine any of my numerous machines until an independent barrister had cleared and protected certain documents.

This drove Surrey Police crazy. It meant huge expense (barristers do not come cheap). It meant a massive delay as it would take months before they could take a look.

The then Chief Constable Ephgrave even passed a message to my solicitor that I would have to pay the costs of the barrister if I was found Guilty (I wasn't).

Imagine that. A police chief trying to blackmail an innocent man into giving up his legal rights. I considered that disgusting.

Even my lawyer was shocked.

As you may know I have now complained about Police Conduct in the "debacle" that was Operation Ravine. Surrey Police have excused the incredible length of time it took getting the case to court (almost three years) by blaming me for using my legal rights on this.

Really; police need to take a long, hard look at their conduct these days.

But if it happens to you (and it probably will; Carl Beech was just the tip of an iceberg; the False Allegations Industry is alive and well) do remember my brilliant solicitor's advice; if you have any correspondence at all between yourself and a lawyer giving you any legal advice, police cannot examine your phone, laptop, iPad before getting it independently examined by a very expensive independent barrister. Claim LPP.

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