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Good Will Hunting - brilliant but flawed PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 18 December 2005
It expressed the big problem I think we have in the world today - the VICTIM culture.
The catharsis came for both Will and the Robin Williams psychologist character with the revelation...
"It's not your fault".
That's the solution these days.
It's never anyone's fault.
We are all encouraged to blame someone or something else.
Bad parents. Bullying. Abusive friends. Drink. Drugs.
It's never OUR fault.
Well, I think that's a terrible mistake.
Everything IS "our fault".
We are all "to blame" for what happens to us and to those around us.
Until we take responsibility for that and for as long as we continue to be allowed to shift blame onto the shoulders of others - society is in real trouble.
How we react; where we are; what we do... it's our freedom of choice. And unless we learn that and take control of our destinies AND our past, we'll continue to build the disaster zone that is the current world.
You'll ask - how can the Williams character be "blamed" for his wife's cancer?
He was a part of it. He lived through it. How he deals with it was what was important.
Getting the most out of it and moving forward. Seeing the positive. Building on the new parameters.
People who died in the tsunami. It wasn't their fault? Yes, it was. They were there. They chose to be there or live there. How they coped was entirely up to them. It doesn't make them any "worse" people. Likewise - the loved ones left behind and mourning. They were in relationships. They chose to love. With love comes - sometimes - sorrow. But also that great feeling of being blessed. Make the best of it. Benefit and progress.
It's ALL "our fault".
So stop blaming others and get on with advancing.
Don't burn down the brewery.
Start enjoying water!
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