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Why NIZLOPI getting to Number One is so important PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 19 December 2005
The ramifications of the success of the JCB Song are immense.
They show that the best model for emerging artistes these days is to go it alone.
The clout of the majors has disappeared.
Oh, they may be able to make a flop look like a chart hit but in reality their methods cost a fortune and lose a million.
These days - as I sussed when I emerged back into the music industry in April 2005 - is that we can set up a structure, if the music is good enough, that is the equivalent of a home based family business.
For some time studios have suffered as it's become clear that great music and huge hits can be MADE at home.
But now we have evidence that they can be SOLD from home too.
The next stage will surely be when GLOBAL success explodes from home - and that's just around the corner.
The moral is clear and very simple.
It all depends on the quality of the music and the imagination behind it.
That's where we deserve credit.
Our ideas - in this case of making use of the strange British media obsession with the Xmas chart topper - can really work for the under dog at minimal expense, as we proved in 1999 with The Cuban Boys and their massive hit Cognoscenti Vs Intelligentsia (better known as The Hamster Dance Song).
Combine these two essential (and rare - but, crucially, inexpensive) qualities: great music and great ideas, and you have the vital parts of a big hit.
From there you can have a career and a fortune too.
So the Nizlopi victory is a very important one.
Now watch in 2006 for the explosion of mass appeal music and the return of terrific sales.
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