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King of Hits
Why BMG are right to want to get out of music PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 29 March 2006
I've been saying for years... the music industry reached a stage about five years ago when the very size of the majors started damaging the music.

Because the overheads got gigantic, the shareholder pressure required INSTANT profits. And the only way to get that was via TV reality shows producing instant, superficial success with no depth.

The art of development was actively opposed by the majors. First that gave a chance to intelligent smaller companies to acquire and distribute artistes with solid but smaller fan bases. But then those companies got greedy for the big profits (big mistake).

Now, thanks to downloads, we're back to small companies with small overheads prepared to develop artistes and writers and performers WITHOUT ignoring the huge power of HITS, capitalising on tiny investments making massive profits.

Just watch us go!

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