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King of Hits
POP-I... the ultimate chart PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 22 March 2006
I reckon what we need to know is POP I - Popularity Index or Pop-Eye if you prefer.

What is popular? Whether it's dance smash or TV commercial tune or opera aria or rock hit... How to find this out?

A combination of internet, shop sales (AND requests... someone coming in and asking "what is that tune in the Tesco's ad?" is just as indicative of popularity as a sale), mailouts (get the Royal Mail to deliver millions of postcards every week with pre paid stamps - for ordinary punters to fill in the name of that tune they have been humming all week and pop it in the box - keeping the OTHER half of the tear off card which prints that week's Top 50).

Call out research.

Radio and TV playlists and request log.

Put them all together and you get THE POP I.

Great programming guide. Great guide for stocking up physicals. Great info for record companies wondering where to invest.

Somebody do it... PLEEEESE!

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