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King of Hits
The Madness Of the Human Race... PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 17 October 2006
Today the media is hysterically condemning Madonna for trying to save a baby's life.

What? And every front page is abusing a teenage boy who killed another lad. They clearly feel that we, the public, must share their hatred of their demons.

Is it not possible to feel sadness for the victims of crime and compassion towards the perpetrators too?

One of the callers to Radio Two said "I feel so sorry for the little lad's family. They should bring back capital punishment and execute his killer".

No irony realised about the family of the other boy.

Blair's Government and the Opposition parties encourage this (goaded by the tabloids)... the way to protect one person's human rights is to destroy someone else's.

This bitterness is eating away at the human race, poisoning us with the acid of hate and stupidity.

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