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King of Hits
Borat The Movie: JK Review PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 08 November 2006
I don't think it works as a comedy but there are moments when I laughed out loud - when the horse fell over; the fridge door opens; the nude interuption of the convention...

There are times when I was amazed by how they got away with it... the evangelist convention for example and the poo scene at the dinner party.

But several ideas (The Running Of The Jew) were brilliant but the execution went nowhere.

It breaks new ground - rather like the second series of Extras - but is not that funny - again, like Extras.

Inspired in parts; brave in parts; clever in parts; but not great as a whole.

And it did make this creator of Entertainment USA wince every now and again. Been there. Seen that.

And commented in my own way 20 years ago. Possibly to greater effect?

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