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King of Hits
Explanation - why I've released my Xmas single in August! PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 05 August 2007
Riding A Reindeer - the Xmas No1? I think it's original, catchy, amusing, interesting, different, unique.

But let's be honest - in this day and age, it's incredibly hard to break a smash hit. Radio and TV have less and less impact and the Internet, a brilliant way to spread the word, does not seem to be inspiring sales, be they downloads or physicals or whatever.

Add to that the bleeding obvious - NOBODY is going to play a Jonathan King track, whether it's TV or radio or even write about it in the press. It doesn't matter whether it's good or bad, artistic or dull, commercial or crap.

So I decided to let Word Of Mouth pick up on it, IF it deserves it.

But that takes time.

So I've made a simple little video and put it up on all the online video sites. The track is available for download on iTunes and the other sites - 5 months ahead of Christmas. If the demand is there and if word spreads, it should grow and avalanche in time for December - with or without traditional outlets for exposure.

My hope is... if it is universally, globally populist, other countries will pick up on it after internet interest kick starts it, foreign radio and TV who don't care about my wrongful convictions and false allegations will programme the track on the sound and the story, and people will buy it for one reason... because they like it.

I think it's the first ever Christmas song with the word CRAP in it and with SHIT in the video.

But I think it breaks new ground and carries a message.

Fingers crossed. If you like it please help spread the word.

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