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King of Hits
My Grand Tour - the 2007 Holiday. PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 08 August 2007
Since I was falsely accused in 2000 of historical (hysterical?) offences going back to 1969 (!!) I've been unable to travel much - wrongly convicted in 2001, locked up in Her Majesty's Estate for 3.5 years, out on parole (no travel) in 2005... at last, as all my convictions were spent and finished, I was able to travel in 2007.

And Boy did I make the most of it?

Starting with my trip to Helsinki in May and finishing as I drove back in the Rolls from Paris at the beginning of August, I managed three months and several countries; 5000 miles driven in the Rolls and various hire cars; France, Finland, Italy, Morocco, Germany, Austria... a splendid Grand Tour (old Tipsheeters used to enjoy my annual travel bulletins including food updates - I remember, as Consultant to then BMG Chairman Richard Griffiths, getting an urgent message to call him only to discover he just wanted my recipe for vinaigrette!).

Best hotel? Probably between the Excelsior on the Lido in Venice and the Cavalieri Hilton in Rome (photos in the PHOTO area) but the best for me was the Rabat Hilton which had a pool within 5 yards from my room so I did 20-30 lengths every morning and evening - very good for me and very pleasurable.

I managed to get rooms that normally cost

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