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My brother Andy is working on my house. PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 07 March 2010
He's brilliant at DIY.

He did loads to my house 5 years ago, as I came out of Her Majesty's Estate. And God it needed it. Even though I was only away for three and a half years, and somebody came around at least every day, without being actually lived in it really declined.

Why is this?

I spent over £15,000 repairing tiles, roof problems, leaks and so on. Plus a further £15,000 installing CCTV so every move is recorded, dated, timed - in order to have proof of every minute of my life for future protection.

Now, 5 years later, there are paint chips that need coating, hinges that need oiling, stains that need erasing and holes that need filling.

My little house looks bright as a new pin, gleaming with joy and ready for the new decade!

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