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Enjoyable evening last night 15th March... PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 16 March 2010
My old Cambridge friend Valerie Grove wrote a review about an evening she attended a month ago - 5 x 15 - five authors talking for 15 minutes each about their work. I said I wished I'd come - so she invited me to the third event last night - packed, at the Tabernacle (great venue) and we went with Lynn "An Education" Barber.

Deborah Moggach was interesting about her "murderer" mother; William Seighart fascinating about Israel/Palestine; Brian Eno was very Eno and John Michinson very amusing indeed.

Afterwards we went for drinks and dinner to Rosie Boycott's house around the corner (she promoted the event) where, to my delight, Dave Gilmour, who I hadn't seen since Cambridge, was and we had a wonderful catchup of the past 45 years - he reminded me I was his very first producer!

Funnily enough the most absorbing part was the twenty minutes when I was waiting for Valerie and Lynn in the reception area at the Tabernacle, watching the variety of expressions of those entering on seeing me! Do I provoke extremes or what?!!

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