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My personal thoughts on Coulson, Wade, phone hacking, Murdoch... PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 08 July 2011
I worked for ten happy years for News International and found them incredibly professional, decent and efficient.

I have to say - as long as it's legal, such things as hacking phones (we used to call it "tapping"), and paying police for tips are basic methods of journalistic practice and there's nothing wrong with them as long as a) they don't break the law (which they now do) and b) they don't encourage or back up a corrupt agenda.

The problem is - the moral climate and legal situations have changed. And the behaviour has crossed the line - becoming a way to pursue agendas which, more often than not, are there to increase circulation and ratings and income. A slippery slope and I watched it rule the conduct of my own prosecution.

Ramifications and consequences have never been high on the moral course when journalists look for good stories and what we are witnessing is the gradual erosion of responsibility combined with a change in the moral climate (often affected by the media itself) - righteous indignation on such absurd positions as "all rapes are the same" - blindly followed by the morons who like simple slogans and headlines.

It's not the fault of journos or Murdoch or TV or radio - it's OUR fault. We have become so superficial and busy and eager for instant simplistic gratification - outrage, tears, anger, pity, love - that we have encouraged these dreadful patterns of behaviour like "tap Milly's phone" or "crucify JK".

Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks just did what good editors are meant to do; but times have changed. They lied when they were caught out and will pay the price accordingly. But let's not fool ourselves. It's OUR fault and we deserve everything that happens to us.

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