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My specific role in the News of the World scandal... PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 09 July 2011
Actually - apart from the Pervert In The Park Photoshop incident when I came out of prison (a decision the PCC may live to regret) the paper played little part in my prosecution. They invented a "victim" when I was convicted and were so desperate on my release (because they had no "victims" to quote) that they called my PR to ask for contacts!

But my entire persecution is rooted in this exact scenario.

Two days before the Government (New Labour) were forced by Europe in 2000 to equalise the ages of consent at 16 - I was arrested.

A man I had never met made false claims against me and police - realising the media storm that would follow an arrest - decided to justify another, failed investigation that had cost them a fortune by expanding it with a high profile arrest.

Sure enough, media coverage prompted other allegations by men who saw a chance to make money (from media or in eventual compensation); good for circulation, good for police setting up accusations to bolster their case and justify previous expenses and good for Judges and Lawyers later...

The dangerous and corrupt triumvirate - Media, Police and Judiciary.

Now, at last, that tricky and wicked alliance is being exposed - and we are seeing that Politicians, too, liked being able to condemn and pontificate about popular causes.

I've been waiting for a decade for the truth to emerge.

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