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Saturday, 13 August 2011
We've joked about the similarity to the riots in the Arab Spring - but it's not all a joke; there are many apt similarities.

We have watched politicians loot our tax monies - some have ended up in prison; ditto bankers with our investments; corrupt police take bribes from bent hacks who tap the phones of dead children; lazy judges and a shattered judicial system jail people for crimes that they didn't commit and that never took place - this is the Western civilisation of the new century. No wonder the young have learned from our leaders.

It is broken. And it's our fault. We buy the papers and subscribe to the brain dead simplistic slogan morality they sell us. We want drama, caricature villains, nice, easy black and white scenarios.

And we shall pay for it. More repression from right wing headlines. More hatred from those repressed (like the rioters in North Africa). Without an intelligent alternative (intelligence is complex - we don't have time for that). Without brave leaders (courage means defying the tabloids - nobody dares do that).

Social networks and the Internet will be blocked. Then the normal media will be restricted by laws and rules. (Both, in many ways, good and necessary censorship if we want to remove weapons from potential trouble makers). And then there will be big, huge, bloody revolutions (as in North Africa - best illustrated in Libya and Syria with dictators, unlike Ben Ali or Mubarak, strong and ruthless enough to challenge the mob).

Replaced by weak and feeble useless rulers, as we shall see in North Africa. And then by religions (in Egypt and Tunisia Islamics are suggesting that women should be banned from working - a very popular idea with unemployed males).

I've predicted it all since I became an early victim of Broken Britain - bent cops working hand in hand with bent media to encourage bent "witnesses" to lie or exaggerate for large cash sums, attention, or sympathy in order to get a better story, bigger headlines.

"This is the beginning of the end" I said.

It was.

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