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Why do I keep going on about the media/police arrests? PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 11 February 2012
Today - 11th Feb - sees more arrests by Operation Elveden, looking into the relationship between the media and the police. So why do I regard these as highly significant?

Because the can of worms has been opened. And anyone who has watched Vile Pervert: The Musical (free online at can see how I predicted this several years ago.

The media can be hugely positive in tracking down real criminals - as on Crimewatch. Unfortunately it can also be misused by corrupt or cunning police officers primarily interested in lifting conviction rates.

And that in turn can lead to officers being promoted above their competence level and self proclaimed "experts" in certain areas being given important positions in other investigations.

As it happens, the policeman in charge of my prosecution and (wrongful) conviction was given the Milly Dowler case to investigate.

Years later - after several more young girls had been buried as a result of the killer remaining free - he was removed from the case, left the force and is living in retirement and great comfort.

I'm not suggesting these elements are connected.

But it makes for fascinating entertainment.

Accountability is such an important concept.

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