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King of Hits
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Saturday, 28 January 2012
The Artist.

A lovely film, full of delightful moments.

But I think those commentators who say Hugo and The Artist are homages to past cinema glory are totally missing the point.

They are illustrating brand new ways to treat ingredients of the medium.

SOUND in the case of the Artist (mainly music, though there are a couple of magical other sequences, and the use of lack of sound is tremendous).

And 3D in the case of HUGO - spectacular, brand new use of this element. Anyone who fails to recognise that in the opening sequence and in my favourite Man in the Moon section is clearly not aware of magic.

Since 2011 was, in my opinion, the year we finally found the New Model in music (thanks to Alex Day), it strikes me as very significant that we also started to create a new model in film making.

My two movies - Vile Pervert; The Musical and Me Me Me - are also examples of a new model; very low budget, street level films featuring a lot of music and available for free online - whilst also being screened in cinemas and available as DVD's.

Anyone can make them, show them, see them.

I think the lead guy in The Artist will deservedly win Best Actor; John Goodman is brilliant in a supporting role though not nominated and the lead girl, strangely in Best Supporting, deserves to win there.

But of the two films I go for Hugo over The Artist as Best Movie of 2011 - though I haven't yet seen all of the others.

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