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Sunday, 18 March 2012
I was fascinated by the Sunday Times story about pop stars dodging tax by putting ownership of property into corporations. 'Twas ever thus - comes from those heady days in the Sixties - I remember them well - of Harold Wilson's Labour government. I paid 95p in the pound on Everyone's Gone To The Moon royalties in 1965 but still made enough to buy my little house (NOT through a corporation).

But what intrigues me is the description of Bob Geldof as a Pop Star. Bob had a couple of wonderful hits in the 70s as lead vocalist of The Boomtown Rats (shared royalties) and that's it. Goodness me - how on earth did he earn the title of Rock Star?

In the 80s I got much opprobrium slagging off the ghastly Band Aid (bad music) and Live Aid (bad gig) because they weren't very good and raised more money for corrupt officials (and Bob) than they did for the starving millions in Africa - apart from anything else, they reduced donations to efficiently run charities like Oxfam and Save The Children by millions, being far more star studded and celebrity featured whilst not making sure who the cash reached.

I got calls from the charity bosses of other organisations thanking me for being honest and correct in my comments.

But the hatred aroused from those who fell for the scam was extraordinary. 18,650 letters in a day to the Sun, where I expressed my opinions.

Admittedly, half those agreed with me but those who didn't were apoplectic with loathing. Far more hysterical than any more recent JK haters.

As I stagger towards my 70s, more and more people are starting to agree with me that Live Aid was not the wonderful event originally claimed. But Bob, who appears to have become very wealthy, is now the elder statesman of charity, alternating fine sentiments with swear words.

I, on the other hand, am a Vile Pervert (and proud of it).

But still nobody seems to wonder how on earth Bob got so rich and how he's deserved the title Pop Star.

Except me.

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