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King of Hits
Mark Rylance - Richard III PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 01 February 2013
Having absolutely adored 12th Night, I went this evening to the Apollo to see Mark Rylance, the best stage actor in the world at the moment, play Richard III. Brilliant.

Much of the same cast, every one really good.

I was sat in the best seat in the theatre - on the stage; so much so that at one point a Prince in the Tower clasped my leg trying to escape his wicked uncle. Rylance greeted me and had a conversation with my next seat neighbour.

His interpretation is incredible. I'm convinced he plays it exactly as Shakespeare intended.

Mind you, it's the least politically correct of the Bard's work. He's in Alastair Campbell mode.

My only reservation; not one of Will's best; still, there are lines that make you swoon.

Paul Chahidi is great in two roles (as he is as Maria); Roger Lloyd Pack ditto. Entire cast and production magnificent. Not one empty seat. Huge applause.

It was wonderful seeing it from the side; all kinds of nuances nobody else could see.

JK tip: Rylance will be Cromwell in the stage version of Mantel's genius novels and it will be a total triumph.

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