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Milly Dowler, Levi Bellfield and Lord Leveson PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 12 July 2013
Watching the media howl with anger about the Court of Human Rights banning "whole life" sentences reminded me that it's the "notorious" aspect which counts; if a crime got virtually no media coverage, the Judge gives a lower sentence. High profile? Forget it. My own wrongful conviction had a guideline of two years - I was given seven. Why? It's a great story.

Of course, the media coverage of any event inflates and colours it to make a better story. Likewise the police and CPS - more likely to get a conviction and longer sentence. And I notice all the media coverage of the Human Rights story likewise bends the truth to fit the better story.

Levi Bellfield, for example, is only referred to as Milly Dowler's killer. Not the killer of Marsha McDonnell or Amelie Delagrange.

When I appeared in front of the Leveson Inquiry (see link below) in January 2012, I talked to one of his team afterwards. I felt my evidence regarding the relationship between the police and the media, and how cops can use the press, was crucial in the upcoming section of the Inquiry.

The police officer in charge of my investigation - DCI Brian Marjoram - as a reward for efficiently obtaining a wrongful conviction against me for crimes that never took place (except in the media), was given charge of the Milly Dowler case.

For years he totally failed to find her killer - being rather better at provoking false allegations through the media than actually tracking down a murderer.

The direct result of this failure was the deaths of two more young girls - Marsha and Amelie. Surrey Police seem not to be bothered by this astonishing failure, although Marjoram did leave the force shortly after the Met found Bellfield.

"Lord Leveson will decide your evidence does not fit in with the agenda of the Inquiry", I was told. "But why on earth not?", I asked. "The Inquiry was set up because of the media involvement in the Milly Dowler case. Surely the deaths of Marsha and Amelie are just as significant?"

"No", came the reply. "They were not nearly so high profile".

There you go. Even the Leveson Inquiry was totally dominated by the agenda set up by… the media.

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