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King of Hits
Sex and Hacking PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 29 January 2014
This will not go down well with many, but I feel very strongly that the joint dominant cases of historic sex charges and hacking should NOT have been pursued for similar reasons.

The enormous costs to police, CPS and courts are wasted monies. The time and energy are wasted too.

There are far worse crimes to be investigated and far more important areas to spend money. OUR money.

Historic sex offences are normally trivial, from decades past... if true, they should have been dealt with by a caution and, perhaps, public shaming. They are often simply another time, a different morality.

Hacking was wrong - morally and, eventually, legally - but it was part of traditional journalism. It should have been stopped, punished in civil structure, again "named and shamed" - but it simply does NOT require this expensive and exhausting, vindictive waste of court time.

BOTH are a ludicrous exercise, taking our social eyes off far more important issues.

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