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14 Years Later: there is such a thing as a false allegation. PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 13 February 2014
I've been through this, remember, and I strongly believe most false accusers genuinely believe their claims and that often such claims are simply exaggerations brought by time and media coverage. A very few (often the ones that start it: a clue - they go to publicists or newspapers before police or doctors) are simply after money, fame, sympathy or revenge (Mia Farrow springs to mind).

But most either decrease their age by a year or two; claim they didn't enjoy it when, at the time, they did ("how could I have?"); believe things happened that didn't (whilst all other connected things - food, drink, music, friendship) did; have inflated relationships over the years - or just remember a joke slapped bum and know it's no longer acceptable.

Always encouraged by media (it's a great story), and by the police and CPS who, understandably, want convictions if they believe the suspect is guilty (and some bad apples who know the suspect is innocent but want a conviction for their own reasons; karma tends to kick in there, though I'm still waiting for someone to examine why Levi Belfield was free to kill 2 more innocent girls) - we need to remind those bent coppers that easy encouragement of crime ("You will be believed - even if you are lying") is not just irresponsible but possibly criminal behaviour.

Individual accountability is needed. Which police officers chose to prosecute Michael Le Vell, William Roache, Dave Lee Travis? How exactly did the Jimmy Savile fiasco begin? How dare certain people - media, individuals, police - leak names of falsely accused celebrities? Examination of guilty pleas by innocent people. And most of all... whatever happened to INNOCENT UNLESS OR UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY?

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