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King of Hits
My letter to the BBC Director General PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 30 September 2014
Dear Tony Hall, You have doubtless been aware of the very minor fuss caused by my appearance on the Genesis documentary. And I am sure you know about Mark Thompsons reply to my complaint about being erased from a Top of the Pops repeat - that it would never happen again.

But I read that a brief appearance by Jimmy Savile on Top of the Pops was removed after a few complaints.

To me it is essential that the BBC is not controlled or edited by pressure groups. I include in that certain other media organisations, jealous of the financial benefits of the licence fee. I consider it vital that strong leadership protects the BBC from these attacks. I also believe that archive footage should NOT be altered and that current and future programming should not be influenced by the loudest shouters.

Whether or not Savile was a monster is something we will never know although, in law, he is an innocent man. I was wrongly convicted of some crimes and strongly believe that should NOT disqualify me from past, present or future mentions and inclusion in content.

Over the next few weeks two books are being published - the second volume of my autobiography and Bob Woffindens The Nicholas Cases - about the ten worst miscarriages of justice over the past quarter century, of which my case is one. I believe both these books should be considered for review and discussion on grounds of quality, interest and value to the listener/viewer/reader. Not on whether the writer or subject committed crimes, be they murder or speeding, sex offences or using drugs, fraud, burglary or not paying the licence fee.

If you agree, could you notify your producers - especially those of archive music shows - that people like myself should NOT be edited out of programming if producers consider their appearance warranted?

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