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King of Hits
Join ISIS Get Ebola PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 03 October 2014
If they haven't thought of it yet, they will.

In World War III the "moderates" battling the "extremists" will collect dead Ebola bodies in Africa, fly them to Syria and dump them on Isis strongholds.

Not nice behaviour but neither is beheading.

Of course the ramifications and consequences would be appalling but since when, in this century, has our species bothered to think that deeply?

All those kids who consider Isis a good excuse to kill people (the main reason, in reality, for joining as it was for Catholics to kill Protestants and vice versa in Ulster and all other conflicts) would disappear within seconds when confronted by decaying plague carrying corpses littering their cities.

World War III. WWW. Hmm. We're rapidly reaching the end of the alphabet, aren't we? Soon we'll reach ZZZ - or sleep, as a species.

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