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TOPIC: Conspiracy Bores

Conspiracy Bores 1 Week ago  
Seriously, so many people come up with opinions on crime and stories without any did reasoning for forming their opinions.

How often is it their own opinion and not a borrowed one? Armchair detective wannabes with no fucking basis for their drivel.

Ten a penny those types. Go and feed the squirrels or something instead.

I've just had another interesting case sent in my direction.
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Re:Conspiracy Bores 1 Week ago  
We know that conspiracies have happened because they have eventually been revealed, so it is logical to assume that, people being much the same whichever era they are born into, conspiracies will still be happening, now and again.
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Re:Conspiracy Bores 6 Days, 10 Hours ago  
Did MI5 or the royal family kill Diana?

Was Jill Dando killed because of pedophiles?

Look how popular those ones became.

No lawyers raising concerns about that.

People will pay for what they say.

How many hide behind this crap talk to try to alleviate their own criminal conscience?
Still no names of clients in the Epstein scandal. Prince Andrew was the only one, was he?

Attack him because he's a royal. The proof is in the silence.
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