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Tuesday, 23 January 2007 Midem Moments
Wednesday, 06 December 2006 Video for The Dean And I by 10cc
Tuesday, 05 December 2006 Happy Birthday to me at 62
Tuesday, 05 December 2006 Big big mistake; the new TV broadband providers
Saturday, 11 November 2006 The future of the music industry
Wednesday, 08 November 2006 Borat The Movie: JK Review
Tuesday, 17 October 2006 The Madness Of the Human Race...
Friday, 13 October 2006 You Tube - the future?
Thursday, 12 October 2006 The changing face of our industry
Monday, 28 August 2006 Notting Hill Carnival 2006
Friday, 25 August 2006 Music retail... a fascinating topic
Tuesday, 22 August 2006 Books, Martyr videos, anyone wonder about this entire campaign?
Tuesday, 22 August 2006 Wonderful encounter - 50 years later!!
Friday, 18 August 2006 Bleak House - Why I love it so
Tuesday, 15 August 2006 JK Theory on what's happening in music...
Sunday, 06 August 2006 Co-writing; Paulo Nutini; James Blunt; dozens of others - I HATE it!
Thursday, 03 August 2006 Oh the domestic life!
Friday, 28 July 2006 The Daily Mail
Tuesday, 18 July 2006 Michael Levy; as I knew him
Sunday, 16 July 2006 Collapse of Democracy?
Saturday, 08 July 2006 Independent Promotion in the UK - are they any good?
Saturday, 08 July 2006 Men's tennis; a theory...
Saturday, 01 July 2006 The failsafe NEW MODEL for a 21st Century music company...
Monday, 26 June 2006 SONGWRITING...
Saturday, 24 June 2006 The mad fortnight...
Sunday, 28 May 2006 Word of Mouth - the "new" promotion method...
Saturday, 27 May 2006 The world is falling apart; vision of the music industry future.
Thursday, 25 May 2006 Explanation of all those multi million pound deals...
Sunday, 21 May 2006 Terrific Eurovision 2006 - splendid display
Saturday, 20 May 2006 I love this time of year and my little house looks gorgeous...
Tuesday, 16 May 2006 New Bridge AGM/Lord Longford/JK
Wednesday, 10 May 2006 Eurovision; JK's thoughts
Saturday, 22 April 2006 JK's Pauline Collins story...
Monday, 17 April 2006 What a way to celebrate Easter Sunday...
Wednesday, 29 March 2006 Why BMG are right to want to get out of music
Wednesday, 22 March 2006 POP-I... the ultimate chart
Sunday, 19 March 2006 For those who want PROOF of how my release from prison lead directly to a UK Number One...
Thursday, 16 March 2006 The TIPSHEET at Number One; the real ORSON story
Monday, 06 March 2006 Sunday Times 5/3/2006 - excellent article... read here in full
Sunday, 05 March 2006 Tony Blair, Parky, Ken Livingstone, God and War.
Monday, 27 February 2006 Matthew Norman's Media Diary; Independent Monday 27th Feb
Sunday, 26 February 2006 Mike McCartney/Paul McCartney and sex allegations...
Tuesday, 21 February 2006 Brits; disastrous ratings. Is this the end?
Monday, 20 February 2006 Wonderful coffee table Brits book Brits 25
Friday, 17 February 2006 Starblvds: an old article but may give accurate information if you're interested
Friday, 17 February 2006 The Brits 2006
Sunday, 12 February 2006 Live Aid, King Aid and my attitude towards celebrity charity.
Saturday, 11 February 2006 Latest on Starblvds... TISNET and Tatung seem to be behind them
Friday, 10 February 2006 Sion Jenkins: JK's secret theory
Friday, 10 February 2006 The collapse of Starblvds... anyone know the facts?
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